Lake Wylie Dam to Riverwalk

A shorter alternative; not one of our regularly scheduled trips

**Note that River Walk and River Park are two separate locations on the Catawba River...River Walk is downstream from the Dam, and River Park is further downstream from River Walk**

Single kayaks:  $40.00       Tandem Kayaks and Canoes:  $50.00

trip details:

Difficulty: Easy!  

Miles: 3.62

Float time: 1.5 to 2 in kayak/canoe, depending on your paddle/play style

This short self-guided float begins at the Lake Wylie Dam in Fort Mill SC and passes under the I-77 bridge, ending at River Walk just past the 21 bridge in Rock Hill SC. This is a beautiful stretch of river - we've seen eagles, deer, otters, geese, osprey, heron and lots of fish. Most beginners do well on this section, but be aware there is moving water and rocks to maneuver around. Depending on water level, you may get a few fun riffles or rapids, but mostly this is a pretty calm, flat stretch of water with lots of big rocks. After your float, you may want to enjoy the beautiful Riverwalk park for a picnic or walk the trails along the river.  

Where to meet:  

  • If you are a small group (less than 3) we meet you at River Walk to shuttle you to the Dam.  
  • If you have a larger group, we will ask you to please drive to the parking area of the Wylie Dam directions and drop off your people/coolers/etc (unless, of course, all your people are children). 
  • Then one driver for each vehicle will drive down to River Walk (directions from Dam to River Walk). 
  • Your people-in-waiting can enjoy the shade and dip their toes in the water while we shuttle drivers back to the dam. We will meet your one driver at Riverwalk, you'll leave your vehicle there and ride our shuttle up to the dam. Your vehicle will be there waiting for you when you're done paddling. 

*The river is dam-controlled, and the water levels are varied. We cannot guarantee what water levels may be.